Remote has expertise in both establishing, and integrating with, a range of contemporary identity and access management solutions.

We have architected a variety of complex solutions with cell-level security markings to enable the fine-grained access control needed to share access to capabilities between departments and foreign partners.

Remote has delivered a number of bespoke and customised COTS solutions for monitoring security in high risk environments.

The scalable solutions are capable of detecting complex threats to high-availability, mission-critical systems of National Security significance.

Remote has many skilled systems engineers, solution architects, systems administrators and project managers with significant backgrounds in achieving, or maintainging, the security certification of high-risk systems in complex environments.

We have been leaders of, or key participants in, the delivery of systems that house some of Australia’s most valueable information assets.

Remote’s systems adminstrators and system architects are skilled in designing and configuring systems that control access to sensitive data and/or capabilities.

Remote’s invovlement in the ACSC since inception has meant we have been at the forefront of protecting Australian computer networks for many years.