Remote has held, and continues to hold, senior leadership positions at the Portfolio, Program and Project levels for a variety Commonwealth Agencies engaged in Defence and National Security. We attract senior managers from APS, ADF, tier one and two consulting firms as well as from prime system integraters.

Our people have been at the forefront of technology transformations for organisations engaged in signals intelligence, geo-intelligence, cyber offence and defence, domestic law enforcement and insider threat detection.

Remote has many skilled Agile practictioners with years of hands-on experience using Agile and Lean concepts for the delivery of technology outcomes in dynamic environments. We have used Agile concepts for tactical delivery of projects within waterfall governance frameworks applied at the Program and Portfolio levels.

As Agile coaches, scrum masters, release train engineers, requirements managers and product owners, we have a high level of proficiency in modern approaches to technology project management and contempury electronic project managment tools.


DEF21-1, DEF21-2, DEF21-3 DEF7013-3, DEF102-1, DEF102-2, DEF223, DEF499, DEF7013, DEF101, DEF828, DEF556, REDSPICE


Fused SIGINT/GEOINT Review, JP2044, JP2064, DEF100-1, DEF100-2, DEF799-1, DEF799-2




NCIS, NPI Systems