Remote has many skilled intelligence analysts on staff who maintain high level clearances. We have experience in foreign and domestic intelligence analysis for national security and law enforcement.  

Remote has demonstrated expertise in SIGINT, GEOINT, HUMINT, ELINT and TECHINT.  We are capable of providing supplementary expertise to fulfill workforce gaps as well as provide advice on the continuous improvement of intelligence skills and practices.

Remote has significant expertise in the development of advanced analytic capabilities in big data settings.  We have been responsible for developing and delivering advanced analytic platforms in a range of government settings.

Remote has current expertise in contemporary data science tools.  We have developed enterprise  grade analytics to support core functions in a number of agencies focussed on national security.

Remote has uplifted business intelligence capabilities for a number of Commonwealth clients.  We are skilled at identifying the missing insights and then establishing the technology and data sources required to improve situational awareness for complex government enterprises.

We have managed the requirements, design, development, data engineering, integration, commissioning and business change required to gain utility from contemporary BI platforms.

Remote’s expertise in GEOINT makes it ideally suited to support the Australian Hydrographic Office.  We provide specialist expertise to support the hydrographic mission.  These efforts ensure Australian waters are safe for mariners involved in Defence and national security as well as commercial and recreational activities.